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Title: Tom Campbell: What Happens After We Die?
Author: mbtevents
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Description: In this excerpt from The Path: Afterlife, by Path11 Productions,Thomas Campbell, physicist, and author of My Big TOE, and consciousness expert, explains the transitioning process after death, from his own knowledge of the spiritual realms.
Tom also states that:
"Virtual reality" does not indicate a lesser reality -- all experiential reality is virtual. As far as experiential realities go, a virtual reality is as real as it gets. An experiential reality is one where we have interactive experience. We can only imagine experiential realities. Our physical universe, as well as dreaming, OOB, and the reality we find ourselves in after dying in the physical reality, are all virtual realities that are all equally real -- as real as real gets -- though each has its own unique rule-set and purpose. Consciousness is fundamental, all else, from our perspective (experiential reality), is virtual (an information based construct of consciousness that we have chosen to call "virtual" much in the same way that an information based reality-construct within a computer is called a virtual reality -- i.e., virtual relative to the more fundamental source that constructed it out of rules and information.

Question: "how can he affirm that all transitional events are..." My words were meant to be a general description of typical situations. The transition experience is custom fit to individual needs. Since many individuals share some similar needs, processing these most typical needs within the security of a group experience is common.

Tom's workshops bring to light his big picture views of reality from his trilogy, My Big TOE.
The event advertised was June 2009.
Look for the next film in the Path11 series called The Path: Beyond the Physical.
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