Crushed by Paris (Giantess), by: Ts6VsQtS6ljCZiaCJ0C_7A | Soundcry
Crushed by Paris (Giantess) Published by Ts6VsQtS6ljCZiaCJ0C_7A via Youtube
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Title: Crushed by Paris (Giantess)
Author: Ts6VsQtS6ljCZiaCJ0C_7A
Rating: 4.728155
Views: 55833
Description: Goddess Paris is in a bad mood.. nothing seems to be going right. To make matters worse, there are little mouse sized men all over her house! Whether spotted or not...Paris has no problem smashing these tiny intruders under her feet. Just for fun she even fries one up on the stove; and proceeds to eat him while having her feet cleaned. She even chews another little guy alive!! Paris shows no remorse for her little victims..
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