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Zimpraise - Mazuva Acho 2012 Covenant Live DVD Published by zimpraise via Youtube
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Title: Zimpraise - Mazuva Acho 2012 Covenant Live DVD
Author: zimpraise
Rating: 4.8295455
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Description: This song was performed by Zimpraise on the Zimpraise covenant live DVD during the awards section in honor of Jackie Madondo. Get your copy on iTunes or like the Zimpraise page on FB and order your copy anywhere in the world.

Zimpraise covenant DVDs Part 1 and Reloaded with new songs and extras now available in UK, Australia and USA. UK contact +44 7534 872 932, Australia Contact +61 459 124 264 and in USA they will be available at the ZimFest Contact +1 469 348 5354... Zimbabwe contact Zimpraise Head offices on +263 775 988 398. Also Available is audio on iTunes or alternatively get DVD on Amazon.
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